About Our Mission

Who are we?

Secure-A-Tech™ is team of Subject Matter Experts who can assist you with any project no matter what your needs are. Our experienced tech’s can assist with email administration to encryption, Windows to websites, SEO to security and MySQL to migrations. We do it all…just sign in and browse our Techs to find your perfect project fit.

What do we do?

We put up our profiles by subject matter to allow customers in need of Technical expertise to easily find the right Tech for the project at hand.

Why do we do what we do?

We love Technology. Learning and challenging ourselves every day with the ever changing market.

Why would you choose Secure-A-Tech?

You can be assured that the person you are hiring is the person with the proper qualifications to assist you with the specific needs for your project.

Secure-A-Tech is not the only place on the web to hire online help for your Technology needs but we are the company that provides glass doors for you to know about our Techs before you hire them so you will get the best fit possible for you Technical requirements.

We are all independent Subject Matter Experts and where today’s project might require “Bob” from Fort Worth, next month’s project may require “Hans” from Oslo.

Our Tech’s sign in from all over the world. You may find the best qualified person to assist you with your project is in Helsinki where you may be in Omaha.

In today’s Technology environment there are no borders. The worlds help can be at your finger tips at Secure-A-Tech.