Install Proftpd in CentOS 7

How to Add Proftpd in CentOS 7 for ftp access. Step 1: Add the EPEL Repository ProFTPD is part of Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux (EPEL), which is a community repository of non-standard packages for the RHEL distribution. First, we’ll install the EPEL repository: # rpm -iUvh Step 2: Install ProFTPD Let’s update first: Read more about Install Proftpd in CentOS 7[…]

FTP error on plesk server

Getting an ftp connection error on a plesk server: 15:04:41 Status: Resolving address of 66.226.xx.xx 15:04:41 Status: Connecting to 66.226.72.xx.xx 15:04:41 Status: Connection established, waiting for welcome message… 15:04:48 Status: Initializing TLS… 15:04:50 Status: Verifying certificate… 15:04:53 Status: TLS connection established. 15:04:59 Status: Connected 15:04:59 Status: Retrieving directory listing… 15:05:02 Command: PWD 15:05:02 Response: 257 Read more about FTP error on plesk server[…]

FTP Errors on CentOS

AI_NODATA – No address associated with nodename error in your FTP client. Sometimes an EAI_NODATA error is also related to either a EHOSTUNREACH error, or an ECONNABORTED error as well. Command: MLSDError: Connection timed outError: Failed to retrieve directory listing Status: Waiting to retry…Status: Disconnected from serverStatus: Resolving address of robertlacylv.comStatus: Connection attempt failed with Read more about FTP Errors on CentOS[…]

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Proftp error in cpanel

Startup Log: Starting proftpd: 2014-11-10 17:08:26,390 proftpd[24369]: mod_auth_file/1.0: unable to use world-readable AuthUserFile ‘/etc/proftpd/passwd.vhosts’ (perms 0644): Operation not permitted 2014-11-10 17:08:26,390 proftpd[24369]: fatal: AuthUserFile: unable to use /etc/proftpd/passwd.vhosts: Operation not permitted on line 7 of ‘/etc/proftpd.conf’ [FAILED] Check permissions root@server4 [~]# cd /etc/proftpd/ root@server4 [/etc/proftpd]# ls -la total 32 drwxr-x–x 2 root proftpd Read more about Proftp error in cpanel[…]